What is a domain name?

What is a domain? Domain or web domain can refer to several correlated connotations. Domain names are probably the most important aspect when it comes to websites. Domain names identify websites on the internet. It is like the frequency of a radio station. Without knowing the frequency, you won’t be able to go to that radio station and listen to their songs. Through domain names, people can advertise their websites. Domain names can either be a hostname. It is part of the web sites’s URL address. For example, if your URL address is www.hello.com, then your domain name is hello.com.

If you’re already asking yourself what does URL stand for, here’s a brief definition of URL. URL stands for Uniform Resource Locator. URL is synonymous to URI, which in turn means Uniform Resource Identifier. The URL is an identifier to a web page that can be accessed via the World Wide Web. It shares the same purpose with the domain name. The only difference between the two is that the domain name is just part of the URL. The URL is the complete address you will see in your web browser. For example, the URL is http://www.beautiful.com and the domain name is only “beautiful.com”. Now certain URLs can be blocked if you are surfing the net from a restricted area like office or school. But because of our technology today, a lot of websites will provide an unblocked URL you can use to view the blocked site or URL.

Domain names can also refer to the words after the ‘@’ sign in an email address. An example would be yahoo.com in an email address like johndoe@yahoo.com. It can also refer to the domain extension called top level domain. These are the two country code characters or three or more characters at the end of your domain name, after the dot (.). An example would be “.com”, “.net”, “.org”, etc. A domain name can also refer to names used by a session initiation protocol such as a VoIP, or Domain keys.

Domains present a better identifier to a website instead of using numeric characters like that of an IP address. Web domains are more likely to be remembered by web users than IP addresses. Because domains are comprised of unique alphabetical characters instead of numbers, Internet users will be able to find your website more easily. One can check domain by searching just a few keywords on the internet.

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